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Many of the crisp, clean images that are depicted throughout this website were created in Solid Works through rendering. This feature allows us to take a model of a tank, enclosure, trailer, etc., and transform them into realistic depictions. It appears as though the product was manufactured, built, and then a photo was taken of the product. This concept allows us to present our customer with an anticipated image of the final product, thereby reducing the gap between the perception of the product's final image and the reality of it. We find that our customers like to know exactly what they are receiving.

Rendering products to insure efficiency

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Milwaukee is the Midwest’s fifth-largest city with 9 Fortune 500 companies, a world-class art museum, and many unique dining experiences. Forbes listed Milwaukee within the top 100 “The Best Places for Business and Careers” in 2017 and Milwaukee still ranks 2nd for “America’s Safest Cities” since its listing in Forbes, October of 2009.